• Online training in bank financial management

  • Student teams manage their virtual banks

  • Dynamic competition for assets and liabilities

  • Understand the challenges and trade-offs banks face

  • Grasp key financial and portfolio ratios

  • Comprehend Basel principles

  • Get a grip on asset-liability management

  • Pierce credit risk management and pricing

  • Exciting training environment with classroom interaction

  • Blended learning: hands-on applying of theoretical concepts



  • Business students as introduction to bank financial management

  • Middle line management wishing to understand the overall functioning of the bank

  • Management of smaller banks and financial institutions


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Technical and practical

  • Simulation is offered as a service
  • Trainer and student sites are available through regular web browsers
  • Sites are password protected
  • Up to ten teams can participate
  • Per team two to three students: one making asset and one making liability decision, while the third oversees the ratios and the bank's performance
  • Teams can connect with multiple players to their virtual bank's website